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October 6 @ 8pm SLT (PST)


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About Amberle

A singer/songwriter/musician from the Philippines, Amberle grew up with several influences that are rooted deep within: her family’s deep ties to structured church music combined with her mom’s pop/power ballad techniques and her dad’s more playful rock/jazz approach to performances.

Amberle knew from early on that music was one of the things that would always make sense, so each and every melody sung from her formative years to the present, would impact her song choices that span from the 80’s to the present (and a few handpicked original songs thrown in the mix). Intent on initially focusing on acoustic performances, she has added tracks to her arsenal, choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles to convey a wider range of emotions and topics.

With her ever growing enthusiasm for guitar, vocals and deft arrangements, Amberle will give you a deeper sense of a raw, stripped down musical experience.